Oh Look! A blog thingy!

And this is where I try to figure it out…

Ok. I suppose a blog needs content.  I’ve been watching this space, and nothing has magically sprouted.  I am assuming a blog is like furniture- it won’t build itself.   This is where it will get… interesting.  I’m a woodworker and furniture maker, NOT a content creator.

A little about me.  I’m a woodworker and furniture maker, currently in central Florida, after a lifetime in the Northeast, most recently the Portland, Maine area.  I’ve been building furniture as a sideline since 2001.  I stepped away about a year and a half ago to accommodate burnout, a geographic location, primary career change and family obligations.  Now I’m back with a refreshed vision and lots of new ideas.

Couple housekeeping items.  One, I’m a woodworker, not a content creator.  Gotta learn the content creation thing.  And two, I’m not sponsored.  if you see a tool or product, it is because I bought it and I use it, not because someone is paying me to feature it.

Time to go create some sawdust.

Almost 60 years old and still going strong